pub_key and priv_key configuration know about

David Matinyarare d.matinyarare at
Thu Apr 1 03:33:03 EST 2004

Well, it migot be not the right way to do it, but I just read your
OpenSSH is running and working. I just finished installing OpenSSH and
up to configuration as to use the pub_key and priv_key and I cannot go
anywhere further. How did you go about this tasks?

I have SUN V480 and runing sun 8

I am using PuTTY as my ssh client. I can PuTTY using my system account.

In the PuTTY docummentation which I have, there is something to do with
going to an .ssh directory and edit an authorized_key file, pasting my
public key which I generated using the PUTTYGEN. At first I could not
get the .ssh directory, but then I had to create the authorized_key file
in the /usr/local/etc catalogue. Also it did not help.

Does anyone know where I can get configuration documentation for the
OPENSSH server and the client?

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