SUMMARY: Automatically installing packages

Patchet, Chuck SPAWAR patchet at
Thu Apr 1 13:40:37 EST 2004

First off, I appreciate the fast and numerous responses.  Secondly, I
apologize for asking a question that had already been asked in a slightly
different format earlier.  Sadly, time prevented me from a more exhaustive

The best solution was to create an admin file and use the -a option for
pkgadd, and to specify the particular package on the commandline.  Dirk
Hamilton provided the following example, which worked admirably:


Another suggestion that worked was to specify the particular package and
keep the << EOF style.

Suggestions for using -r didn't work, as using pkgask to create a response
script told me the package is required to have an interactive request
script, of which it did not.

Suggestions for using -n didn't work, with no change in package behaviour.

Several people suggested using Expect, however my particular project
prevents me from adding any "unapproved" software, even that generally
acknowledged as benign.


> Hello Gurus,
> I'm trying to script some automatic package installations on Solaris 8 and
> ran across the following (to me at least) bizarre behaviour:
> - If I add the pkgadd manually, and answer the questions interactively,
> everything works.  For example:
>   # pkgadd -d /tmp/ANTRagex.pkg
>     When asked which packages, I type: all
>     When asked if I consent to running scripts with root permissions, I
> answer: y
>     Package installs correctly.
> - So, I now know that 'all' and 'y' are the answers I need.  Being
> interested in automating this, I remove the package and attempt the
> following:
>   # pkgadd -d /tmp/ANTRagex.pkg << EOF
>   > all
>   > y
>   > EOF
> However, this bombs.  The install appears to go fine until the second
> question (asking about root consent) after which I am told simply:
> Installation of <ANTRgex> failed.
> Am I missing some subtlety of pkgadd?  Am I using some poor scripting?  Am
> simply an idiot?  Is it too near quitting time?
> Appreciate any and all responses, will summarize.

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San Diego, CA 92152-5001
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