Sun Blade 100 - input / output problem...

Benoît Audet benoit.audet at
Thu Apr 1 15:30:14 EST 2004

Hi managers,

We have a Sun Blade 100 here to do some tests and to get the ability to save a
job log, I wanted to hook up the workstation to a laptop, using a serial cable
setting.  Normally, when not using monitor, keyboard and mouse, Sun
workstations/servers are redirecting input/output to the serial port.

So I did connect the cable I normally use, with a null modem module and a
DB25-to-DB9 adapter.  I tested this setting on another Sun Blade 100 and it
works (with the same laptop).  My problem is that it was not working on this
particular Sun Blade 100.  So, I went to the OBP and these settings was

ok printenv output-device
output-device = screen
ok printenv input-device
input-device = keyboard

I browsed a bit to see if there's something about a known problem using serial
console with Sun Blade 100 models (since there's only one DB9 serial
connector, etc., I though maybe there's something that may be done...), and I
found someone suggesting to but "ttya" values for both "output-device" and
"input-device" in the OBP.  So I did it, but guess what?  It's not working.
But the big surprise arrised when I tried to plug back the USB keyboard and
mouse, and the monitor: I no longer have the hability to interract with the

I knew an old technique to reset the OBP values with SPARCstations, which
consist to maintain the "Stop" and "N" keys on the keyboard and you're back in
business...   ...I of course tried it with the Sun Blade 100, but I doesn't
seem to do anything.

Anyone have an idea of what I could do, look at, or...  ...???

Thanks in advance and, of course, will summarise!

  Benoit Audet
  Conseiller - TELUS solutions d'affaires

  Commission administrative des rigimes de retraite et d'assurances (CARRA)
  Service de l'assistance et des technologies (SAT)
  Til : 418.528.1281  (CARRA)
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  benoit.audet at

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