Old Canon printing software -- mpconsol

Steve Camp steve at camp.com
Tue Apr 6 01:23:34 EDT 2004

Hi all,

Problem Description / Summary:

I need a copy of some old Canon copier/network printer utility 
software for SunOS 4.x / Solaris 1.x / Solaris 2.x called 'mpconsol'.
A user manual talks of extracting "canontar" from a "ddimage" file 
from a diskette that was bundled with a Network I/F board.  From 
"canontar" one is supposed to extract "mpconsol".

A client of mine has procured a Canon copier (GP30F) and a Multi-
device Controller Board-P2 to turn it into a network printer.  I 
am guessing this GP30F is circa mid to late 1990s.  There are no 
menus on the copier itself to allow me to set IP address, netmask 

When I 'snoop' my local network, I can see ARP packets being sent 
from a MAC address:

    ETHER:  ----- Ether Header -----
    ETHER:  Packet 56 arrived at 16:03:48.78
    ETHER:  Packet size = 60 bytes
    ETHER:  Destination = ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff, (broadcast)
    ETHER:  Source      = 0:0:85:##:##:##,
    ETHER:  Ethertype = 0806 (ARP)

that maps to "Canon" per http://www.coffer.com/mac_find/.  So, 
apparently the copier's "multi-device controller printer board-p2" 
is asking for an address on the network.

The local copier vendor has faxed over the "GP30 Print Book".  The 
fax has two chapters that describe using this SunOS / Solaris 2.x 
utility called "mpconsol".  Apparently these Canon copier/printers 
were controlled from Sun print servers.

Has anyone any experience managing / administering these Canon 
copier/printers?  Does anyone have a copy of this "ddimage" / 
"canontar" / "mpconsol" software they can e-mail me or point me to 
an URL or ftp site where I can obtain it?

I have just checked at http://www.usa.canon.com/html/download/gp30f.html
and cannot find any mention of the older Solaris software.

Many thanks.

Steve Camp
Camp Technologies, LLC
steve at camp.com

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