getting an ok prompt on a netra t4

VEGH Karoly karoly.vegh at
Tue Apr 13 09:56:43 EDT 2004


I'm having an issue with a netra t4, I cannot get to an 'ok' prompt
on it.

No VGA is in it, so I attached two serial-connections to it, one 
to the LOM card, and one to the port 'A'.

the lom-port is full functional, but on port 'A' I can't get an 'ok'

Both cables are OK, tested.

escape                  #.
model                   Netra T4
hostname                cl201
power-on-decline        off
power-on-delay          off
bootmode                normal 
rsc-security            off
flow-control            off
login-timeout           off
event-reporting         on
Time since last boot:   +96d+20h17m43s

there is a 'console' command in the lom> commandline-prompt, but I don't know
the right syntax to use it.

how to set the default console-output to port 'A'?

on port 'A' I get no information at, all, though it worked, before I begun
to install the box (and stopped it to begin again) with 'boot net'.

I would need to start with 'boot net' again, but cannot start it without
an ok prompt.

any ideas?

any help is appreciated



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