Summary: Strange jumpstart behavior

Tim Kirby trk at
Wed Apr 21 19:07:14 EDT 2004

Originally posted as

> Has anyone seen an issue where the symbolic link
>     .../Solaris_9/Tools/Boot/etc/inet/hosts
> (which should point at .../Solaris_9/tmp/root/etc/inet/hosts)
> gets overwritten as a regular file at the beginning of the jumpstart?
> I really didn't think I was doing anything unusual here but this has
> got me going round in circles; apart from busting the jumpstart tree
> it leaves the jumpstarted machine with a brain damaged hostfile.

It is, as most of the world who isn't on vacation or out of the office...
  come on, people - if you're subscribing to this list you ought
  to be able to work out how to filter mail from a mailing list and not
  send back vacation responses to - well, who knows who)
                                                    ... pointed out:

That jumpstart share *shouldn't* have been exported rw. I'll swear it
wasn't, but had brain been engaged I would have realized the implication of
the question and not publicly demonstrated that I wasn't paying attention.

Sorry for the waste of bandwidth, folks.

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