too many rpc.metad running

Rob De Langhe rob.delanghe at
Thu Apr 22 01:57:02 EDT 2004

on some of our servers (all of them configured with two internal boot disks,
mirrored via DiskSuite) we have sometimes more than a single "rpc.metad"
process running.
We are wondering how this can be, since they are launched by "inetd". The
man page says little about the mechanism that triggers the launch of such
"rpc.metad" by "inetd", so we don't understand how it can happen that
multiple instances of the program are active.
Also, what happens if we kill such process, or even if we kill all of them :

1) is it required that at least one of them is running ? If so, how can we
force one to be launched by "inetd" ?
2) if it is not required that one is active at all times, how many should be
running in maximum ?

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