KVM switches for Sun hardware

Bruce Shaw Bruce.Shaw at gov.ab.ca
Wed Jun 1 14:14:35 EDT 2005

We are consolidating several server rooms into one and we need real estate
and amps, so we would like to reduce our monitor count for our Sun servers.
Hence we're considering a KVM switch.

Currently we are using 4-port Switchview MP's successfully.  However we need
more ports and longer cable lengths so we are considering something that
uses KVM over IP CAT5 technology.  We may also need to attach a few PC's to
the KVM switch so we need something that will handle both.

Yesterday I tried an Avocent Autoview 2000 with poor results.  I never did
get anything to display and eventually the unit locked up entirely.
Probably not the manufacturer's fault - half the time I couldn't see what I
was doing so I may have done some illegal keystrokes.

One concern I have is that I couldn't find any place in the documentation
that described how to send a "break" (stop-A) or other Sun-keyboard-specific
keystrokes (eg. copy, paste).

Current testing hardware is:

-Enterprise 450 with a GFX8P card.
-Ultra 1 with two cgsix cards.
-Compaq keyboard
-Compaq two-button mouse
-Compaq V75 monitor (it works on the E450)
-CAT 5 straight-through cabling
-Avocent AVRIQ-VSN Sun VGA server interface modules

We also have a variety of other Sun equipment that we eventually need to
connect including:

-E450's with a variety of other video cards
-Ultra 1's and 2's
-Sparc 5's and 10's
-V880's - note these use USB connectors
-Blade 1000
-Ultra 50, 60

Can anyone recommend an affordable KVM switch using CAT5 technology and
appropriate video cards that will work with this mixture of Sun hardware?


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