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Hi Gurus,
Just wanted to clarify on procedure what i did:
After putting the new Disk in the same slot I ran 
 ./metareplace -e d1 c2t3d0s0 - after resync was complete it again   went  back to Maintenance mode 
then I did tried with HotSpare Slot Disk (after partitioning the   disk) 
 ./metareplace -f d1 c2t3d0s0 c2t13d0s0 - after resync was complete it 
again went back to Maintenance mode 
Any ideas? 

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	Hi Gurus, 

	I have Netra box with two D1000 attached running  Solaris 2.6. I have 
	installed Disksuite 4.2 and have created two Metadevice  with RAID- 5 on 
	each D1000. One week back I lost One Disk with error (Need Maintenance) 
	and other with "Last Erred". As per Sun Documentation I replaced the 
	disk with error "Need Maintenance" first and resynced but after 
	resyncing it again showed the same error "Maintenance" I put another 
	Disk and tried to resync but no luck. At last I use another slot from 
	D1000 (one Slot was HotSpare) and tried to resync but it seems it 
	doesn't come as Good after resync is done. I can still see the Data on 
	D1000. What could be the issue? I have 160 GB of Data sitting on this 
	D1000. Other D1000 attached to same Box is working fine. 

	Below is the output from metadevice: 

	d1: RAID 

	    State: Needs Maintenance 

	    Invoke: metareplace -f d1 c2t3d0s0 <new device> 

	    Hot spare pool: hsp002 

	    Interlace: 32 blocks 

	    Size: 353442528 blocks 

	Original device: 

	    Size: 353443520 blocks 

	        Device              Start Block  Dbase State        Hot Spare 

	        c2t0d0s0                 330     No    Okay 

	        c2t1d0s0                 330     No    Okay 

	        c2t2d0s0                 330     No    Okay 

	        c2t3d0s0                 330     No    Maintenance 

	        c2t4d0s0                 330     No    Okay 

	        c2t5d0s0                 330     No    Okay 

	        c2t8d0s0                 330     No    Okay 

	        c2t9d0s0                 330     No    Last Erred 

	        c2t10d0s0                330     No    Okay 

	        c2t11d0s0                330     No    Okay 

	        c2t12d0s0                330     No    Okay 

	Any Help/Pointer will be appreciated. 

	I will summarize. 


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