Sun cluster 3.1 with V880 & V480

sanjay K sanjayk at
Tue Jun 7 13:05:40 EDT 2005

Hi All,

I have one cluster setup to install with V880 & V480 node having StorEdge
(3510 with cascade of one 3510, to form a total 20 disks ) as common
shared storage & terminal concentrator. I have facing two problems

1) The storage  is physically conncted to Fiber host bus adapter on both 
the nodes. I am finding it is getting recognised on only one node at a
time. pls. suggest to get it  recognise on both the nodes. i am aware for
the scsi storage it is require  to change the scs-initiator-id on one of
the node. but for this fiber storage , what is the procedure? or any
connection issue on the rear of 3510?

2) I had configured the tc i) Ip address to port 1 ( 
(ii)set port=1 type hardwired  mode cli (iii)set port=2-8 type dial_in
mode slave

after this rebooted the tc.

i am able tenet to port 1 & access the admin port 1 ; but i am not
getting the serial console access of servers on port 2 & 3  & above (
issusing commnad as # telnet 5002     &  # telnet 5003).

Kindly suggeset

Thanks in advance


Thanks & Advance


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