Sun Trunking 1.3 and Cisco 3750

Baillargeon, Sonny Sonny.Baillargeon at
Tue Jun 7 17:07:58 EDT 2005


Thanks for the help so far in my project.  Your input has been

I am trying now to connect a two gigE ports to a Cisco 3750 using the
Sun Trunking 1.3 software.  The sun end looks fine when I do a nettr
-conf.  I can see the interfaces.  The problem I seem to be having is on
the Cisco.

In the docs it says that Sun Trunk supports static mode on 802.3ad
switches.  Does anybody know how to make Sun Trunking work with Cisco?

Here is my current switch configuration:
interface GigabitEthernet1/0/18
 description Trunk to nygzdev2 ce2
 speed auto 1000
 duplex full
 channel-group 5 mode active

And my config for sun trunk:
/etc/opt/SUNWconn/bin/nettr -setup 2 device=ce members=2,3 policy=1


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