zones not available on this system / '/usr/lib/lu/lucreatezone' failed with exit code 71.

Eric Seale eseale at
Tue Jun 7 20:32:45 EDT 2005


I tried to build a minimal box then add the zone related packages and 
their deps but I'm having an issue I cant seem to find a fix on google or 
sunmanager's archives.

# zoneadm -z scp install
ERROR: zones not available on this system
zoneadm: zone 'scp': '/usr/lib/lu/lucreatezone' failed with exit code 71.

# ls -al /usr/lib/lu/lucreatezone
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root          24 Jun  7 15:22 
/usr/lib/lu/lucreatezone -> ../../../etc/lib/lu/ludo
# ls -al /etc/lib/lu/ludo
-r-xr--r--   2 root     bin       526444 Jan 22 17:50 /etc/lib/lu/ludo

Here are the packages which seem relevant and their deps.

system      SUNWadmc   System administration core libraries
system      SUNWadmfr  System & Network Administration Framework 
system      SUNWadmfw  System & Network Administration Framework
CTL         SUNWctpls  Portable layout services for Complex Text Layout 
system      SUNWj5rt   JDK 5.0 Runtime Env. (1.5.0_01)
application SUNWlur    Live Upgrade (root)
application SUNWluu    Live Upgrade (usr)
application SUNWluzone Live Upgrade (zones support)
system      SUNWmfrun  Motif RunTime Kit
system      SUNWpool   Resource Pools
system      SUNWxwfnt  X Window System platform required fonts
system      SUNWxwice  X Window System Inter-Client Exchange (ICE) 
system      SUNWxwplr  X Window System platform software configuration
system      SUNWxwplt  X Window System platform software
system      SUNWxwrtl  X Window System & Graphics Runtime Library Links in 
system      SUNWzoner  Solaris Zones (Root)
system      SUNWzoneu  Solaris Zones (Usr)

Where did I go wrong?


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