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Tech Guy tek_guy at rediffmail.com
Wed Jun 15 08:45:16 EDT 2005

  Hello Gurus,

I have Sunfire v880 with 12 disks of 73GB. I would like to
setup a RAID on this server using Sun Volume Manager 4.2.1. The OS is

RAID1 for the root filesystem ( 1 + 1 disks) and
RAID5 for rest of
the 10 disks

I have few clarifications before I proceed with this.

1) All
the disks belong to one controller i.e C1. ( I am not sure if this is the
standard configuration in all v880) So if the RAID is setup still I guess
there will not be any conroller failover incase if the controller c1 fails.
2) Out of 12 disks , I want to use 10 disks as RAID5. So again
   - Is it
possible to further partition the RAID5 metadevice ? 
eg: If d5 is a RAID5
metadevice of 10 disks then can I have multiple partitions like
/p1,/p2,/p3,/p4,/p5 etc on this d5 metadevice.?

3) Is there any size limit
for the filesystem creation. eg: If I setup a RAID5 with 650GB then can
Solaris be able to create a new filesystem on this large drive 650GB?

appreciate your responses and suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

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