question about qlogic fc cards

Paveza, Gary gary.paveza at AIG.COM
Wed Jun 15 08:45:43 EDT 2005

I have two servers.  Each has qlogic cards for fibre attached disks.  One
server (serverA) is completely setup (the disks have been presented and are
in use), the other (serverB) does not even have the fibre cable run yet.

Both have forceload: drv/qlc in /etc/system.

serverA shows the following with prtconf:

SUNW, qlc instance #0

serverB shows the following with prtconf:

SUNW, qlc (driver not attached)

How do I get serverB to attach the driver?

Also, my SAN storage admin is asking me what rev level the driver is.  Can
anyone tell me how to find that?

Gary Paveza, Jr.
Senior Systems Administrator -CSA
(302) 252-4831 - phone

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