SVM - ReAssign Hotspare from used to available status...

John V john1for at
Wed Jun 15 19:40:44 EDT 2005

Hi Gurus,
I have Raid 5 configured with 11 disks + 1 hotspare.(SVM)
1 Disk (Target 4) failed & hotspare has come up in place of that.
The new disk is replaced in place of Def. Disk(Target 4).
Now how do I get back the data to Target 4 Disk from hotspare.
(Right now the hot spare status is "in use" & metastat state is in "Okay")
I think metareplace -e is w/o hotspare to rebuild parity.
Or is there any way to make the used hotspare to be part of Raid 
itself & make target 4 as hotspare ..?

Thanks in advance.

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