routecommand hangs on x86 2.8

Andy Bach afbach at
Thu Jun 16 17:53:16 EDT 2005

Eureka! Thanks to James Carlson's persistence, the problem was tracked
down to a failure to autopush. In our case, the:
ap::sysinit:/sbin/autopush -f /etc/iu.ap

line was deleted from /etc/inittab. No autopush, no STREAMS, no
routing socket. Running that cmdline fixed the problem, here. In other
instances it was a corrupt /sbin/autopush (try:
to be sure) or an upgrade problem in /etc/name_to_major
"... do a maintenance boot and examine the /etc/name_to_major file for
duplicates? Something like this should work:

# awk '{print $2}' < /etc/name_to_major | uniq -d

to show if there's dups in name_to_major.

What a relief! Thanks James!


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