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Finally i choose IP Filter, very easy  to manage rules.
Thanks to Christ Clark and other who respond my question.


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Date: Tuesday, June 7, 2005 11:22 pm
Subject: Re: SunScreen 3.2

> kristianto.setiawan at wrote:
> > Hello expert,
> > 
> > I have 1 SUN box using Solaris 9 as Apps Server.
> > I want some IP from client which already specify 
> blocked/disallowed by Apps Server, 
> > but the other IP is allowed to access SUN. (ie: telnet services ).
> > Function like Fire Wall.
> > There are suggestion using SunScreen 3.2 for filtering IP from 
> client access installed at SUN box.
> > Any have experience for doing that simple job ?
> > Or any other software (free) doing better than SunScreen 3.2 ?
> Personally, if you have the option, I would go with IPFilter and not
> SunScreen.
> I recently had to set up a host firewall on a multihomed machine. It
> should be easy, but it was rather painful to learn SunScreen for this
> simple task. SunScreen wants to be an "Enterprise Solution" and like
> so many tools in that category, they try to be too smart, too GUI, and
> too friendly. They try to make difficult things easy and in the 
> proceeshide all of the details many admins want to control.
> I would have gone with IPFilter, but it is not supported by Sun on
> Solaris <10. It is the official Sun-supported firewall for Solaris 10.
> I've used IPFilter a lot, and it is very, very easy to get started and
> set up simple firewall rulesets.
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