SUMMARY: Accesing same storage with 2 machines

A. Ayhan Kanmaz solaris at
Tue Jun 21 08:19:28 EDT 2005


Thank who all replied.

Suggestions are below;

      *  Sun Cluster
      *  VERITAS Storage Foundation Cluster File System
      *  QFS

My original post was;

> Hello Managers;
> I have two machines with running the same application. Because of the
> application nature, two machines must acces to same data. I am looking for
> a solution like this. This data will be in EMC disks. I think , one of the
> guru in the list may come up to face the same problem and I just wanna
> learn how do you solve this problem ?
> I know this is possible with Sun Cluster  and i do not want to use nfs.
> Because, this may reduce the availability ( if nfs server down, all the
> system wont work ).


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