installing raid recommendation

Neil neil-on-sun at
Thu Jun 23 11:40:05 EDT 2005

I forgot that we will be using Solaris 10 x86 version. Thanks. 

Neil writes: 

> Hi everyone,  
> I'm new on this list. I also have some unix background but very little in 
> Solaris. We just bought this box, 
> It's a Sun Fire V40z Server.  
> I would to make it reliable by setting up mirroring and raid 5. However, I 
> don't know where to start. Will the box we bought support mirroring for 
> the o.s. and at the same time raid 5 for our data? If it's possible, can 
> you also please show me a link that teaches on how to do this kind of 
> installation? Oh, also, do I need to buy another scsi to support this kind 
> of functionality?  
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!  
> Thanks,  
> Neil
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