How to keep a paniced SPARC machine from rebooting

Carsten Knudsen case139 at
Sun Jun 26 17:25:23 EDT 2005

Hi list-eners (!)

Setup brief: Two SPARC machines (Force, not Sun, but that's probably the same
for the sake of this discussion) running our customer's app in a
primary/backup configuration with a shared couple of SCSI disks accessed as a
DiskSuite disk set.
  If the primary server announces that it is for some reason not able to
continue, the backup server forcibly takes over the disk set, causing the
primary to panic (standard disksuite behaviour), but when it comes up again,
it appears to mess up the SCSI communication between the shared disks and the
now-primary server, which in turn causes the entire application to fail.
  We can live with the failed server not coming back to life again on its own,
but I cannot find a way to keep it from trying...  Any good suggestions??
And... for various reasons (space constraints, a.o.), putting in an extra SCSI
box such as an S1 is not an option.



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