Moving a boot disc from SunFire v120 to SunFire v210 [Our NIS+ RMS has failed]

LOEWENTHAL Simon sloewenthal at
Tue Jun 28 10:16:24 EDT 2005

Today, being Monday, I was greeted with a major h/w failure.  Our NIS+ 
root master has turned itself into a brick. Its dead.  

Its a SunFire v120.  We have a spare SunFire v210 and I would like to 
take the dead machine's boot disc out of the V120 and put into the V210.

I suspect that this is not such a simple swp it to the new machine task, 
and that I will have to rewrite some boot block to the disc so that the 
V210 understands whats going on, or something similar.

I have put the disc into the v210, but it fails at boot after trying to 
plumb the interfaces (they are different), it next fails because it 
cannot mount any partitions.

Does anybody know what changes I might have to make and how should I go 
about it?




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