unmirroring swap problem on Solaris 10 3/05

Markus Mayer mymaillists at gmx.at
Wed Jun 29 05:56:53 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I'm trying to remove the metadevice that I set up for swap space but am having 
problems.  I have removed all except the last submirror using metadetach, 
edited the vfstab file so that there is no swap space turned on after the 
reboot, and tried to run the metaclear -r d0 command, but always get the 
error "metadevice is open".  I've also setting swap to be an unused slice on 
another disk but with no success.  According to the manual, Solaris Volume 
Administration Guide on page 137, this should work.  Can anyone tell me how I 
can do this cleanly, or do will I have to do this in single user mode?  The 
machine is a V440 with 4 cpu's.


# metastat d0
d0: Mirror
    Submirror 0: d10
      State: Okay
    Pass: 1
    Read option: roundrobin (default)
    Write option: parallel (default)
    Size: 33560448 blocks (16 GB)

d10: Submirror of d0
    State: Okay
    Size: 33560448 blocks (16 GB)
    Stripe 0:
        Device     Start Block  Dbase        State Reloc Hot Spare
        c3t0d0s0          0     No            Okay   Yes

Device Relocation Information:
Device   Reloc  Device ID
c3t0d0   Yes    id1,sd at SSEAGATE_ST373307LSUN72G_3HZ9G51K000075179TE7
# metaclear -r d0
metaclear: wanda: d0: metadevice is open

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