Windows Service for Unix: mounting windows folder on Solaris

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I was missing some steps in my configuration. Thanks to Niranjan Parulekar for
providing me the actual steps.
Niranjan reply mentioned below:
On Windows:

Open User Manager and Configure user "nfsuser(can be any name)".
Click on Program Files - Windows Services for Unix
Click on Services for Unix Administration
Click on Server for NFS
Click on Client Groups
Click on new and add NFS
Click on Advanced
Type in the IP address of the Unix server and click add clients
Type in the IP address of the Windows NFS server and click on Add
Click on User Name Mapping
Make sure the Password(/etc/passwd from Unix - with only the relevant
entry) file exists in the path mentioned below.
Make sure the Group file(/etc/group from Unix - with only the relevant
entry) exists in the path mentioned below
Click on Maps
Click on Show User Maps
Click on List Windows users
Click on List Unix users
Select 'NFSUSER' from the Windows list
Select 'UNIXUSER(which exists in passwd file)' user from the UNIX list
Click on 'Add'
Click on 'Apply'
Click on Server settings
Select "Create files with '.' to be hidden files"

Select the folder that you want to share through NFS
For example 'C:\test'
Right click on 'Test' folder
Select 'Properties'
Click on 'Security'
Click on 'Advanced'
Select the local user 'nfstest'
Click on 'Edit'
Make sure the 'Delete subfolders and files' permission is selected.
Click on NFS sharing
Click on share this folder as 'Test'
Make sure encoding is 'ANSI'
Make sure 'Allow anonymous' is unselected
Click on 'Permissions'
Click on add and select NFS
Uncheck  'Root Access Allowed'
Click on 'Read write access'.
Make sure the 'All machines' profile has no access selected.
Make user the 'NFSuser' has the modify permissions to the NFS shared
Open 'maphost' file in f:\some_path\SFU\Mapper.


Created a normal user account "UNIXUSER" with group "XYZ" on HQIBM105
mount the NFS file system

Note:  The access for  the path is controlled from the DXBAPRS2 box
e.g. name of the user allowed to access the, the permissions to the file
system etc.


Bipin Baghele

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Subject: Windows Service for Unix: mounting windows folder on Solaris

I need to mount NFS shared folder from Widows Server 2003 (hostname:
winserver1) on Solaris 8 (Generic_108528-18) machine. The SFU 3.5 was already
installed on Windows server 2003. After sharing the folder on windows
I can mount same on my Solaris 8 machine but when I try to go inside the
folder I get permission denied errors.
Any idea, what extra things I need to set up on Windows server side. I am not
looking for any password sync between windows and unix, just need to mount
windows folder on solaris and copy some files.
Can someone explain me what steps I am missing?.

unix1 # mount -F nfs winserver1:/dbdumps /mnt
unix1 # df -k /mnt
Filesystem            kbytes    used   avail capacity  Mounted on
winserver1:/dbdumps      1151714300 142249228 1009465072    13%    /mnt
unix1 # cd /mnt
ksh: /mnt: permission denied
unix1 # mount
/mnt on winserver1:/dbdumps remote/read/write/setuid/dev=47c0013 on Mon Jul
14:43:17 2006

Will summarize,
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