SUMMARY - poprelayd on Solaris 10/X86

Bob wick at
Wed Mar 8 10:54:19 EST 2006

Well my problem wasn't Solaris-specific at all.  Sorry for taking up the
bandwidth.  My problem was with the poprelayd PERL script.  Seems the
scanaddr() subroutine needs to be tweaked for the log file format.  I did
that and everything is working as advertised.  If anyone needs the
scanaddr() mod for qpopper 4.0 let me know.

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Well I'm at my wits-end trying to get this to work.  Is anyone
successfully running poprelayd on a Solaris 10 system?  I'm using the
built-in sendmail, qpopper v4.0.8 & poprelayd 1.5.  The poprelayd process
runs fine but it never updates the popip.db map.  When I run truss it
looks to be opening the log file and the map but never writes to it.
Even when I issue the poprelayd with the -a and add an IP manually it
never updates the map.  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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