splitting up a Flash Archive into pieces of < 4gb each (Flash bug in Solaris 8), so I can jumpstart a machine...

Anthony Stanton anthony.stanton at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 10 20:18:17 EST 2006

Hi, I created a Flash Archive on a Sunfire v100 running Solaris 8. The archive came out to appx 8.1GBytes and that was that. 

Now I need to restore that particular environment in the Flash archive file. After a few attempts to jumpstart the machine w/a Flash install I started googling and found out at BigAdmin that there is a known bug in Flash on Solaris 8. 

Here's the information on the workaround I have for this problem from Sun:

The error I received is identical to this  below:


 WARNING: Flash Archive IDs do not match (possible corrupt archive) 

 Extraction complete 

 ERROR: Unable to unconfigure the extracted system 

 ERROR: System installation failed.


it bombed pretty much at 4GBytes, and the compressed Flash Archive is about 8.1GB.

Here's the workaround provided by Sun:


A:  This is a known bug with Flash.  Internally, it uses as data type which is 32 bits wide (4GB).  When an archive gets larger than that, an overflow occurs, and Flash thinks the size is (true_size % 4GB), which in your case is around 1GB.  The workaround is to use multiple, smaller archives, each being less than 4GB.  This is fixed in the upcoming Solaris 9 release.  We will most likely backport this to Solaris 8, as many customers have also run into this bug, but no guarantees on that one. 

 To make smaller archives, you can generate a list of files in the existing archive using "flar info -l ", then split that list into two lists each about the same size (call them list1 and list2), and then re-create the two archives using the following commands: 

 # flarcreate -n name1 -f list1 -F archive.1.flar
 # flarcreate -n name2 -f list2 -F archive.2.flar
 You would then install both of these using jumpstart by specifying both archives in your jumpstart profile, for example: 
 install_type flash_install
 archive_location http://server/archive.1.flar
 archive_location http://server/archive.2.flar
 partitioning existing


Now, here's the thing. I can see how one would get a list of files from 'flar info -l', and then break that up into sections that are thought to be < 4GBytes each, and running 'flarcreate' again against the installed system.

The problem I have, is that there isn't an installed system anymore to create the multiple  Flash archives from. All I have is the archive itself.

What I've done so far is to make a copy of the Flash Archive  and:


# flar info -l > flar_index.txt


Can anyone provide me with some (additional) steps to take to do this?



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