Who gets root?

Mr. Johnson Ac6699 at wayne.edu
Mon Mar 27 13:45:33 EST 2006

Greetings all,


I know that to many of you the following question may seem inane, But I and
in need of your support as that I am in battle and need your advice. I have
a question regarding the policy of the control of root. As to who should
have it (between the Sysadmin , Application owners or other users)


 My department are administrators of a number of SUN Solaris ( 9 and 10) and
I am responsible  for the OS and Hardware. In many cases we have to share
root with individuals that are not in my department and at times with
outside vendors (The other people are part of my division, but not in my
chain of command) and not located in my building. There primary function is
the administration of the applications (i.e. Web Hosting and third party


We use sudo (http://www.courtesan.com/sudo/) to give access to non-privilege
areas as much as possible, But encounter much grief and demands for root
access. What I would like to know is your thoughts so that I may present
them to my management to show them that our thought s on the subject is not
off from the norm. 




1-Who has root access in your shop?


2- How is privilege access handled in your shop?


3-What risk do I run by having root out side of a controlled group?


Please reply to this address (ac6699 at wayne.edu) and I will summarize your
thought and post to the list as well as inform the list of the out come if
any. I thank you for your advice and help

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