SUMMARY: pinning a process to a cpu

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Tue Mar 28 01:58:45 EST 2006

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The answer to my question - how to pin a process to a cpu was best 
answered with pbind - give it a pid (already started) on the commandline 
and a cpuid (from mpstat) and it will bind any of your own processes to 
a given cpu - root not needed.

I got another set of answer regarding cpu sets; if I had a really big 
machine and wanted to setup an encoding farm that's probably how I'd do 
it, but pbind solved my problem.

Thanks again to the sunmanagers.

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On 3/25/06, Joe Reid <jreid at> wrote:

 > Is there a way to pin a process to a single cpu on a multi cpu machine?
 > Will it make a difference while running flac or ogg-enc on my dual 900
 > SB1K?

Joe Reid
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