SVM - Uninitializing an unattached metadevice?

Hutten, Rob Rob.Hutten at
Wed Mar 29 11:34:45 EST 2006

Hi all,

I'm using Solaris Volume Manager (3.0,REV=2005. under
Solaris 10 to set up a mirrored root disk on a V100x with two 72g drives
as per InfoDoc 28196.

I've realized - too late - that my second drive (c0t2d0) doesn't match
the main drive (c0t0d0) with respect to its partitions.  When I try to
attach the second drive's metadevice (d20) to the mirror (d0), I get:

  #/ metattach d0 d20
  metattach: ahiranew: d20: submirror too small to attach

I know I need to repartition c0t2d0; my question is: do I need to
somehow "uninitialize" d20 before repartitioning, or am I in the clear
where it's not actually attached to d0, on which the root filesystem is
mounted?  I can't find anything relevant in the man pages or sunsolve

I'll summarize any responses here - thanks.

Rob Hutten
Research Informatics Team
NRC Institute for Marine Biosciences
1411 Oxford St., Halifax NS
Rob.Hutten at

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