SUMMARY: Q? How can I trick Solaris 10 SXCR nv51 to report back "5.10" instead of "5.11" (needed by Veritas) ...

Noel Milton Vega nmvega at ComputingArchitects.Com
Sun Nov 12 19:53:45 EST 2006

Solved... thanks to the 2 suggestions below...

E xcellent simple suggestion by Dan Foster (via comp.unix.solaris):
======================================================== =

======= =================================================
Excellent (more geneleral) Suggestion by Logan Shaw (via comp.unix.solaris):
How about using a library interposer?

I believe you should be able to wrap sysinfo() or whatever with
your own version and make it return what you want.


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Subject: Q? How can I trick Solaris 10 SXCR nv51 to report back "5.10"
instead of "5.11" (needed by Veritas) ...

Im trying to install "Veritas Storage Foundation *Basic* v5.x"
on my SPARC Solaris 10 SXCR nv51 O/S.
The "sysinfo(2)" system call reports the Solaris version
to be "5.11" and not "5.10", and thats the problem: this Veritas
version requires Solaris 5.10 (but the software installer quits
when it detects 5.11).
I don't want to gunzip and install the Veritas packages manually
(I have my reasons), but I suspect that the Veritas products will
work fine under the latest version of SPARC Solaris 10 SXCR nv51.
Any way to trick the O/S to report back 5.10 instead of
5.11 (note: the installer does not simply use the uname(1)
command to determine the Solaris version, but rather some
underlying mechanism, like sysinfo(2)).
The only other alternative is to roll back to Solaris Express
10 nv48 (the non OpenSolaris non-community release),
which I believe **and correct me if I am wrong** reports back

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