USB-Serial Adaptor

Andreas Höschler ahoesch at
Wed Oct 4 08:25:43 EDT 2006

Hi all,

we need 4 serial port on a SunFire 240. We googled and found that the 
Quatech QSU-100 USB-Serial Adaptor is supposed to work under Solaris. 
We ordered such a device (had to wait 8 weeks), finally got a QSU2-100 
and plugged it to an USB-port of a T2000 and a Ultra 20. We expected to 
see something popping up under /dev but we saw nothing that hadn't been 
there before.

Has anybody experience using such a device? Which are the device names 
we have to look for? We are using Solaris 10. Is a driver to be 
installed to make this work?

Thanks a lot!



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