Mpxio: online and secondary paths

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Mon Oct 16 11:18:47 EDT 2006


Sun Qlogic cards
I currently have:

primary / online
primary / online

load-balance="none"; in scsi_vhci.conf file
auto-failback="enable"; in scsi_vhci.conf file.

Controller           /devices/ssm at 0,0/pci at 19,600000/SUNW,qlc at 1/fp at 0,0
    Device Address              50060482c46547fa,3
    Host controller port WWN    210000e08b81f7c6
    Class                       primary
    State                       ONLINE
   Controller           /devices/ssm at 0,0/pci at 1d,600000/SUNW,qlc at 1/fp at 0,0
    Device Address              50060482c46547cc,3
    Host controller port WWN    210000e08b811b35
    Class                       primary
    State                       ONLINE

I would expect/like to see

primary : ONLINE

secondary : STANDBY

I have reviewed the STMS install and config guide.
How would I accomplish this?

Any comments / recommendations / suggestions on these types of

Thank you.

Michael Warnock

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