Expanding Slice 7 in a Cluster?

BOWEN Ben Ben.Bowen at alcatel.com
Mon Oct 16 13:07:50 EDT 2006

Hi all. I am installing a cluster of 2 Netra440s with SCSI connections to 3120
arrays. When I run the metaset command on those disks it formats slice 7 with
4MB +- for the metadb. Our developers are saying that slice 7 needs to be in
the area of 25MB for something else. Is there a way to expand that slice on
all of the shared disks?  The man page for the metaset command says "Drives
are repartitioned when they are added  to  a  diskset only  if Slice 7 is not
set up correctly." How does one set up slice 7 so that metaset thinks it's
"correct" and will not repartition? I've tried several things, but nothing
seems to work.


Ben Bowen
Customer Project Management
Office: +1 972 519 7176

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