Help for Pro*C compilation

Arun Sule sulearun at
Tue Oct 17 05:23:03 EDT 2006

Dear  Sun Gurus,
  Hi !!
  I am working on Sun Fire V440 with Solaris & Oracle
  While compilation of Pro*C. it  gets compiled upto certain stage i.e. C compiler converts abc.pc programs to abc.c  and also generates object file abc.o, further in this sequence it needs to generates executable file as abc or abc.exe.
  For example when I try to compile prod.pc 
  $ proc prod.pc  ---` generates prod.c 
  When I  further compile this c program to generate executable as follows
  $ cc o prod prod.c       ---` this should generate prod as executable file, instead of that it gives error as shown below.
  $ cc -o prod prod.c
  ucbcc: Warning: Option YP :/usr/ucblib:/opt/SUNWspro/prod/bin/../lib:/opt/SUNWspro/prod/bin:/usr/ccs/lib:/usr/lib passed to ld, if ld is invoked, ignored otherwise
  unknown flag -destination_ir=yabe
  ld: warning: option -YP appears more than once, first setting taken
  Undefined                       first referenced
   symbol                             in file
  sqlcxt                              prod.o
  ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to prod.
  I am not having proper steps for compilation of Pro*c on Oracle 10g.  
  It would be great help , If any one let me know what libs or commands to be used for compilation of Proc programms on Solaris - Oracle 10g.
  Thanks in Adavance
  Arun Sule
  Tata - CRM Sis

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