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Thu Oct 19 09:21:18 EDT 2006

Hi folks.

I would like to take the chance to thank you for the helpful hints,
special thanks are going to Anthony Florendo, Robert Kielty and

Thank you and see you later.

Best regards



Hi folks.

I hope you may help me !

I am working on a Solaris 8 host running an application which is using
Java Runtime (1.4.2_02).

I am getting the following error message:

            Java.lang.RuntimeException: "Request timed out waiting for
an available thread to run. You may want to consider increasing the
number of active threads in the thread pool"

I posted the message to the support of the application and got back the
answer to increase the number of rlim_fd_max in /etc/system and also the
JavaHeapSize to increase.

In the meantime we increased both numbers twice. Rlim_fd_max is now
8192, and the Heapsize is 1024 MB. But some time after a reboot of the
embedded Webserver of the Application the problem returns, the messages
are posted and login to the WebApp is no more possible. Only after
restart of the application. After some time the story starts again and
so on.

Please! Please, may somebody of you, folks, tell me

-          if it's a OS issue (I remember that Solaris uses these tricky
lightweight processes....) ? If yes, how to tune to overcome the problem

-          if it's a Java issue (please just don't tell, that this is
not a Java-mailinglist <<I know , but I also don't know where to get
help>>) If yes, how may I tune the Java Runtime ?

Best regards and please help


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