Summary: ***URGENT***Can't see new SAN LUN

Michael Segale msegale at
Thu Oct 19 11:05:23 EDT 2006

      All I had to do was cfgadm -c configure c3 c4  then the LUN was
visible in format.  I thought this was a one-time command that I did run
already for the first LUN on this server.

Thanks to all who responded, I greatly appreciate your help

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                                       ***URGENT***Can't see new SAN LUN   
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A new LUN (veritas dmp) was presented to my SUN (solaris 8) server there is
already a SAN LUN connected fine but the new LUN isn't visible
I tried devfsadm -c disk    drvconfig  and disks  and still nothing. Any
other commands besides boot -r ???

Michael Segale
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