USB isn't working on an SunFire X2100 M2 after BIOS upgrade

Matt Krause krausem at
Thu Mar 29 13:22:14 EST 2007

I just got a new X2100 M2 in and went to flash the BIOS to provided
additional support for Linux.

I used the 1.4 CDROM found here:

I booted from the CD and chose option 2 to update the BIOS.
Everything worked fine and the server came back by itself.

However, non of the USB ports work anymore until a software driver
gets loaded.  I can no longer go into BIOS setup or anything during

I put a RHEL cd in there and once that booted up and installed the USB
drivers, I was then able to use the keyboard.

How can I get USB to work on POST now?


Matt Krause
krausem at

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