StorEdge 3300- at lost

rmp dmd rmp.dmd1229 at
Thu Nov 26 16:07:03 EST 2009

Thank you all for the answers!

On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 4:07 PM, rmp dmd <rmp.dmd1229 at> wrote:

> We inherited a StorEdge 3320 and would like to re use this. Been reading
> some documentation but have not come accross some specific questions.
> I have never worked on this Equipment before (or any other SCSI raid Array)
> so kindly extend some patience.
> - Two hosts can be connected through SCSI channel 1 and 3 ports. Can other
> hosts still use this array through the ethernet connection? Like NAS
> - how will i confirm if the StorEdge 3320 is AC powered or DC powered
> Thanks!

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