SUMMARY: Sun 2540 & Solaris 10

Clift, Tom CIV NSWCDD, K55 robert.clift at
Thu Feb 11 12:40:25 EST 2010

Thanks to a number of folks there are several ways to resolve my issue.

Via the CAM software I was able to match the LUN number with the format output
and figure out which volume was which.

Also, you can compare the CAM output with "luxadm probe" and "luxadm

Again, thanks for your help

Original question:

All, I created four volumes of euqal size on my Sun 2540 disk array and I see
they all show up when I run the format command. My question is how do I
determine which one is which from the Unix side?

I want to do a volname for each volume just as a reference but I can't seem
find a correlation between the wwn listed in the format output and the wwn of
the volume from the CAM software.

Tom Clift

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