SUMMARY : remove inherit-pkg-dir in command file

jcarroll65 at jcarroll65 at
Thu Feb 11 16:03:05 EST 2010

Thanks to William Hathaway for the solution of "create -b".

The Sun documents and man pages says "Use the -b  option  to  create  a  blank  
configuration. Without  arguments,  create applies the Sun default settings." 
But I can't seem to find what are the "default settings". Just before receiving Mr. Hathaway's tip I also found Lots of useful information and tips.

---- jcarroll65 at wrote: 
> When creating a zone in the interactive mode to create a whole zone I can enter:
>   remove inherit-pkg-dir dir=/lib
>   remove inherit-pkg-dir dir=/platform
>   remove inherit-pkg-dir dir=/sbin
>   remove inherit-pkg-dir dir=/usr
> When I put the same lines in a input command file (zonecfg -z zonex -f inputfile) I get "remove inherit-pkg-dir: No such resource with that id". What's the proper syntax for this?
> JC

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