Fibre channel tape drives missing

Niall O Broin niall at
Tue Feb 16 13:38:28 EST 2010

I have an odd situation with a Netbackup server running Solaris 8. It should
be seeing 6 tape drives via an FC fabric, but it's not. One tape drive
recently had to be replaced, and somehow that has now resulted in the
following problem.

The server should see two robots, on one of which it should see 4 Ultrium
drives, and on the other, two DLT drives. However, right now it only can use
(i.e. there are /dev/rmt entries for) three of them.

These /dev/rmt entries are of course symlinks to device special files under
/devices, but if I do an ls -l there with an appropriate wildcard which should
match all the devices, I see nothing but the three devices.

cfgadm -al lists FOUR tapes (the 4 Ultriums) but one shows as unconfigured -
until the Netbackup server makes an enquiry about the drive, at which point it
becomes configured, though there is still no /dev/rmt entry nor any /devices

luxadm -probe shows only the three tapes.

However,  cfgadm -o show_FCP_dev -al does show all six tape drives, and the
two robots - with one of the DLTs showing as configured, and one

So, this at least tells me that the server can see the devices over the
fabric, and there really is no reason why it shouldn't. However, try as I
might I cannot get the appropriate /dev/rmt entries to appear.

I have done innumerable reconfigure reboots. I have run devfsadm -C -c tape. I
have removed all st entries from /etc/path_to_inst and done a reconfigure
reboot - all to no avail.

Can anybody tell me please how I persuade this server to again generate
/dev/rmt entries for all the drives so that Netbackup can use them?

Kindest regards,

Niall  O Broin

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