Document on Clustering CentOS5.6 with Oracle as failover (non-RAC)

Rick Smith ricksmith.usenet at
Wed Oct 5 11:43:29 EDT 2011

Cluster Oracle on CentOS using CentOS clusterware
non-RAC CentOS 5.6 cluster with Oracle 11gR2
This is a tutorial and a step by step installation guide for CentOS
5.6 cluster with Oracle 11gR2<>
This document implements Oracle as a failover service in a non-RAC
environment using CentOS clusterware.

This document assumes that you have two nodes with shared storage. If
you do not have shared storage
you can implement it using Openfiler, a guide to do that is available
iSCSI Volumes using Openfiler

The document which details the non-RAC CentOS clusterware installation
of Oracle 11gR2 on CentOS5.6 is available at:<>
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